What are you tolerating?

If you’re like us its amazing how you can put up with things being out of whack for a while. That door that squeaks. Those scuff marks on the floor. The home decor that’s looking a little worn and tired. You live with it and put up with it because you’re busy with work, schedules, kids, school–you’re busy with life.

But at some point there comes a time when you’ve had enough. There’s the one thing that’s kind of been bugging you every time you look at it. And finally you decide it’s time to quit letting it get under your skin. You decide it’s finally time to do something different with the decor in your home.

We know that feeling. Like you, we’ve been there. And we’ve helped hundreds of people just like you who are finally ready to give your home a brand new attitude. And once you decide you’re ready for a change a flock of doubts lands on you. You wonder “Where do I start?” You can get overwhelmed with options and worried about making good choices.

You want someone who can help you make a plan. Someone who’s been there before and will help you find your own style in the wide sea of home decor options.

Our specialty is making you fall in love with your home again. Yes, we specialize in refinishing kitchen cabinets. But your home decor is more than just one element. Pick the wrong color tones for your cabinets and they will stick out like a buffalo strolling through a shopping mall. Sure, you want something different, but you also want it to look good when your project is done.

You’ll be surprised at how a few simple changes can make your whole home feel fresh again. We focus on refinishing kitchen cabinets because the kitchen is where most of us live. Think about it, when guests or family visit where do you usually end up–your kitchen. And with the open-concept style so many Kansas City area homes have your kitchen is front-and-center when you’re at home and not sleeping.

We are the experts who will help you get what you want when you’re ready to update your home. You will fall in love with your home all over again. Call us, because we will make your home the place you love to be.


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